Test Shoot: Fashion/Beauty Photographer Dametreus Ward

Test shoot is a new interview series that im working on when i sit and have conversations with industry professionals. This gives me a chance to ask them questions about not only their views on the industry but how they operate individually. I look forward to bringing this to you to help further create a platform that teaches you about the industry you're looking to start/continue you're career in. Let's Begin!


Dametreus "Meech" Ward is a Fashion/Beauty Photographer originally from Milwaukee, WI currently residing and based in Dallas, Texas.  He is the Artist and CEO of Meech213 on a mission to deliver Fashion & Beauty artistically within his portraits. It's equally important for him to provide excellent personal attention while offering a unique experience with each and every client.

I met Meech via facebook just randomly commented on an image i saw of his that i liked, we created a dialouge and i quickly found out he was a great person with a great sense of humor. He absolutely loves what he does and as creatives thats what helps us vibe together. I reached out to ask him about an interview and he happily obliged andthis is what i asked him.


Syranno: What is the relationship between you and fashion photography? What keeps it thriving and spicy? 

Meech: Well for me the relationship is very tight, this has been something that I’ve wanted to do for a couple years now. I’ve taken a lot of time to actually study the craft and i'm still learning everyday. For me it's the traveling that helps keep it thriving and spicy. My creativeness opens up more because I’m exposed to more that I’ve never seen and, it challenges me as well to be more creative in my work. Fashion and beauty can be done in so many ways and I think that’s the beauty of it because everyone is different in their individual art form.



S: Was there ever a moment where you and fashion photography weren't seeing eye to eye?

M: When I first began photography I would say shooting fashion and not understanding made me rethink if this was for me. Granted, I wasn’t working with stylists or anything but the fact that the final outcome wasn’t what I had imagined made me rethink whether or not this was the right direction.


S:  Revisiting your past work what is the most significant change that you have seen?

M: When I look back at my work I think having a team would be the most significant change. I’ve noticed how important it is to have a great team when working on projects. A good makeup artist, stylist, hairstylist, model, photographer can really set the tonal difference in what the outcome will be.


S: Lets change gears a bit, what is the most common misconception that models have when dealing with photographers?

M: Haha, I’d say that the idea that every photographers wants to have sex with them.



S: Lol!! With that perception, what can us as photographers do to help turn that around?

M: I think personally if more photographers were more professional in the industry this wouldn’t be an issue. Actually, be a photographer for the art and not just to get women, that would make a huge difference.

S:. What does the term "industry standard" mean to you?

M: Industry standard for me means just the general requirements or what’s accepted in the industry.

S:. How important is "industry standard" to your current body of work?

M: For me it’s somewhat important. My reasoning Is because I like to work with different talent and for the industry that talent may not be what is desired or "in". When I have an idea I like to use whoever to execute my projects its about aesthetics and feeling.


S: You recently were in New York City on a short residency, what is the most significant difference between your market in Texas and the market in New York City?

M: The biggest difference is that New York has more of a diverse commercial and fashion market whereas Texas is mainly commercial. New York allows me to do my fashion editorials with relaitive ease whereas Texas I’m limited.


S: Whats one non standard or non traditional piece of advice that you would give emerging creatives when making a decision to get into the fashion industry?

M: I would say don’t always listen to what people say when it comes to their experiences. A lot of times seasoned individuals that have been in the industry scare emerging creatives based on their personal experiences. I feel that if you’re dedicated and consistent anything can happen for you. Many will tell you that you won't make it or try to compare you to others, and that can bring certain feelings when wanting to pursue your dreams. Don’t let someone else’s failures stop you from going towards what you want.


S: Curveball question: If there was one thing you could create to make your workflow more efficient what would it be?

M: I would say building a solid team that takes care of scheduling and finding work. Although editing takes time I enjoy the process.


S: How can people get in contact with you for commissioned projects?

M: Im on Instagram @Meech213 and also my website