What do you think about her? She has a unique look but she was late, so Next...

Lateness, Tardiness, Irresponsibility i beleive that these all go hand and hand. Modeling is a career so lets think of it from the perspective of a 9 to 5, if you have a hiccup in transportation do you reset your entire work schedule? Probably not unless it is a dire emergency but often times you have preplanned to get somewhere. If you are able to have plan A,B, and C to make sure you are able to enjoy entertainment or visit friends your career deserves the same efforts. Its understandable that life gets in the way, yet the sure fire way to make a lasting impression is to be late to a casting, shoot, or fitting. Understand, that in this industry word of mouth travels at supersonic speeds, and studio sessions have their fair share of stories. The last thing you want to hear your name in is:


 " She has an amazing look, i just can't trust her to be on time, so we can look for someone else"

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 If for one moment you think these conversations aren't happening, they're happening! For me it is a little different because i like to have my own experiences with people. Yet, a vast majority of others will take a colleagues word for it and move on to the next person. If you don't see how detrimental to your career tardiness can be then you may want to rethink your chosen path for something a tad bit more flexible. 


" To be early is to be on time, and to be on time is to be late" 


The quote above is a quote that i live by, i truly frown upon lateness and it plays a huge part in my decisions for future paid assignents. Communication is a huuuuuge part that creatives in this social media controlled society are missing. If you cannot make your agreed upon time for any reason pick up the phone and call, if you have the number. If you look at the signatures on most creatives emails there is a contact number for them listed . Text messages are completley imformal and should be avoided and emails although practical should be secondary to a phone call. If at all possible do not be afraid to leave a voicemail, because in the event the call is not answered it's documented in more than just the call logs. If you're serious about your career make a way, these are all learned behaviors believe me when i say i've learned the hard way on my end plenty of times and still do.