What's In The Bag?

So I previously had a post called "The Don'ts" which I accidentally deleted through the squarespace app, it unfortunately didn't save as a published post. That's neither here no there, there was an essential piece of information in that particular posts that needs to be reposted. The model essential bag is so important, this doesn't make the other 4 points I made any less important they are equal but this stood out. So below you will find the list of what is essential for a model to bring from my perspective as a photographer.

Model Essential Bag (Women)

  • Travel Manicure Kit
  • Small Makeup Kit (Nude/Red Lipsticks, Neutral 4 Quad Eyeshadow and Blush Pallette(s), Lip Gloss,Eyeliner & Mascara)
  • Lotion/Baby Oil
  • Spray Deodorant
  • Hair Ties, Bobby Pins and Hair Clips
  • Bandeau Top/Strapless Bra
  • Nail Polish (Clear/Nude)
  • Heels (Black)

Model Essential Bag (Men)

  • Travel Grooming Kit
  • Basic Tee (White,Black and/or Grey)
  • Plain Dress Shirt (White,Black, and/or Grey)
  • Lotion
  • Clear Deodorant

Model Essential Bag (Unisex)

  • Chapstick
  • Mints
  • Hairbrush/Comb
  • Business Cards

Majority of these items can be purchased as travel sized items so that you can maximize the space in your bag and fit everything you need without lugging around a big bag. A great packing tip for the men is to roll instead of folding your clothes and to carry around a small ziploc to protect from any chemicals getting on your cloths. For the women it's the same principal, put all the moisture based items in a bag to help protect from spillage. 


I will definitely compile another list for the don'ts at a later date and apologies for those who have shared it.