My Cousin said she wanted to model and this is what happened...

I have a many people daily connect with me via Instagram, Facebook, Email and my website telling me they want to model. I can’t help everyone but I do keep my eye out for rare ones. I connected with my younger cousin about 2 months ago after I spotted her on Instagram and I felt she had a strong presence. So I let her know that I would like to photograph her, unbeknownst to me when she told her mom she wasn’t aware that I was her cousin 😂. Once we sorted through all The Who’s  who of it all we finally set a date, and this was the result.




My younger cousin Bre is 14 and aspires to be a model doing advertisement work for Target, HM, Forever 21 and other amazing brands.  


For me I think she has a strong face and an even stronger presence so let’s see where we can take this! Then..... her sister wanted to jump in the mix and tbh I think I hear gap kids ringing at her door 😎.