Mental Overload

 Have you ever been to creative point where you are overloaded and you need to CTRL + ALT + DELETE everything. That's where I am now, I absolutely love fashion photography but in reality I absolutely love photography. Lately I've been feeling like I've been boxing myself into this corner. Trying to find my niche by being inspired but so much going on around me, it can be overwhelming to be completely honest. I love taking photos of people and places and just pretty much everything. I love natural emotions because that's when the soul shines the brightest in images. Emotion doesn't necessarily have to be a smile for me but genuine expressions that tell a person's story nothing that feels forced. Whether it's a woman donning a beautiful turtleneck and slacks to a CEO showing people exactly why they're in their position I just want it to translate to the public. I've been taking a breather to sit back and think and reposition exactly how I capture images, how do you tell someone to just be themselves and let me capture that? That's what  I am learning... to capture the experience to capture the real them.