Did you get my voicemail?

Am I the only ones who still leave potential clients and current clients voicemails? I feel like leaving voicemails as of late has been a little counter productive, I promised myself that I would leave more and text less. As of late when I have the urge to text message a discussion I turn around look at myself in the reflection of my S7 Edge and go straight to my contacts for a phone call. I have found that a higher percentage of clients especially the new clients prefer a phone call to an email. I have also found out that it is way more productive to make a phone call as opposed to a text or an email. The voicemail is what get's me though, despite receiving a notification that a voicemail is in your inbox most opt to ignore and return the phone call without listening to the voicemail. So it's strange, are voicemails important or irrelevant? The interesting thing is that this does not stop me from leaving voicemails I feel as though to a point I'm conditioning my clients to know if I cannot get ahold of them that I will definitely leave a voicemail. What do you think?