Bahi Cosmetics: A Little Fruit with your Facial?

I am a tad new to the styling of product photography but I do like it a lot! Like A lot! It can be tedious once you hit that 3rd or 4th hour but if you have it all mapped out it works oh so perfectly. I have the beautiful opportunity to have a close friend who is a cosmetics company owner, so she allows me to practice on her and it helps a lot especially when building both of our brands. What we decided to do was to bring together fruit that was native to her country as well as a touch of sophistication. Below you will find those images of what we put together and also we put together a quick commercial for her 1st quarter Bahi Cosmetics branded Bahi Box which includes some amazing products! After taking a peek at a few of the images we took head on over to and put your order in!


BahiCosmeticsProducts2017-5 (1).jpg