Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Model Film 1 of 5

I pre-ordered a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge earlier this year to get out of my LG V10, before that I had an iphone and had to jump off the train. I've had my S7 Edge for quite a few months and as you can see from previous post is that I am starting to discover alot of cool features on the device. Like most but not all I did not read all about the device, i didnt even read the manual I just dove right in without water shoes or a snorkel. Once using my phone for the normal social media features, it turned into just another high priced ohone. Until I discovered particular features that appealed to me as a photographer and videographer like the ability to shoot uncompressed 4k and HD Video from my device! I couldn't have been happier with learning this, so now I have decided to shoot 5 model campaigns involving my galaxy s7 edge using those features! Below you will find video of Tabitou Jalloh unsigned model from Washington DC, Enjoy and stay tuned!