Rolling into 2017

I know i write a lot of blog posts directed at helping individuals especially creative individuals. I vary rarely delve into whats going on with me as a photographer or a person for that matter. Rolling into 2017 I have a slew of goals that I look to accomplish this year. as a quick back story contrary to what people may think I just recently went full time in September. I have 8 plus years of experience but never saw the opportunity to jump out there and take that leap to being a full time photographer. After a miscommunication on a job advancement opportunity and support from my loving fiancee, I took that leap and am officially building my brand full time. It's not hard, just hard work because you no longer have that cushion of a 9 to 5 to balance out your thoughts. I encourage people to do this when they know that it's time because you will definitely feel it in your spirit its unshakable.

My 2016 Personal favorite featuring model Kayana Howard with makeup by Emma Bahi

My 2016 Personal favorite featuring model Kayana Howard with makeup by Emma Bahi

My goals for this year is to succumb to the fantasy of fashion which is a major goal, for years I took a more realistic approach to fashion. Although the realistic approach is equally amazing i think fantasy is thought provoking and downright mind controlling. Think about majority of the fashion ads that you've come across over the last few years minus the straight forward fashion like the My Calvins ads, they all have a touch of surrealism. With a lot of haute couture gracing fashion pages in luxurious and sometimes beautifully destroyed or desolate locations it's hard not to embrace. As a photographer that fantasy beckons me to shoot and create stories out of it, to embrace that world and tell it's stories through my perspective. Models are going to be a huge part of my growth for the 2017 year, being strict on exactly what i need to not only create but attract is super important to the next stage in my evolution. Agencies will be a big part of my life this year i love the security of modeling agencies meaning if a model falls short then they will send another one in her place. I only want to work with the best in their field those who think about their craft every waking minute but are equally open to possibility to expand that craft as well. 

My visual work is such a small portion of the changes already in place to make my brand a lot stronger for the 2017-2018 year, it's so much that goes into building a successful photography business. There are revenue avenues that i never even thought of and are currently exploring to help fund future shoots. In addition, my social media has to do a complete 360, it's not bad but it definitely can be prepared better, so with this post you will notice that my instagram has been cleared of 2016's images. I want to hear from my readers, what is it that you are changing about your business this year that you feel will have a huge impact on your businesses progression in the next 6 months?