I'd love to shoot but your all the way in New York, are you coming here soon?

The best opening line I can think of is GET OFF YOUR ASS!!!! Do you know that most of your favorite models travel more times out of the year then they are actually home. Most likely whoever you just asked this question whether you are a model or photographer they are not coming to your city soon. From experience I can tell you traveling to somewhere excites the hell out of potential clientele and scares a few. For example there was a fashion brand in Philadelphia looking for a photographer a few months back and they needed one on a consistent basis. Of course you know I reached out, well after speaking with them they loved me and my work but didn't push forward because I was in baltimore. I was bummed and still don't understand why that's a factor, people will say travel I say it's a two hour bus ride. As a model or photographer it's our job to problem solve if you immediately give up then you've failed at your job. Example I mapped a shoot with a stylist for magazine submission, she pulled clothes from different designers to bring it together. On the day of I cancelled due too weather, in my eyes I'm doing the right thing because I'm thinking about the client and the equipment WRONG! I should have came up with a solution to the problem instead of cancelling it. As a result the stylist and I will never work together because I dropped the ball, I can chalk that up to learning. 

You only get a few you can chalk to learning before you will be learning a new profession. Travel tends to scare creatives but there are a many inexpensive alternatives, and it's so worth it. 


  • WANDERU (Greyhound,PeterPan,Megabus,Amtrak)


Don't be afraid of travel because believe me there is so much more than your city.  If you look at your city as the end all be all you are doing yourself a great injustice! Photographers especially understand that there are different markets out there that will expand thought and intensify creativity with your craft. One of my favorite quotes are:


"to be who you've never been you must go where you have never gone and do what you've never done" 

- unknown 

I will close this the same way I opened it GET OF YOUR ASS!!!! it's time to go explore.