But wait... Where are my pictures?

This is a statement that I have run into alot with creative teams, where are my pictures?? Still till this day I don't understand how photographers take a longtime to tackle returning images to their creative team. I began to learn and understand that there are many factors that stop a photographer from getting images back in a timely manner. Time management is a huge factor in the delivery of images, and if the time management is bad then there won't be any photos for a while. Sometimes our input is greater than our output as photographers because either A.  We have a hard time allowing others to touch our work or B. We set an priority of what needs to get done first. My personal turn around for clients is 96 hours from the time of selection. When there are personal projects I take my time on them, I'm super meticulous when it comes to personal projects the process is not always recieved well but the end result is embraced.

I always encourage that what ever position you play on the creative team you should always ask questions from the model to the manicurist. Why? well my mom has always told me that "a closed mouth doesn't get fed" the same principle applies here. If you want to know how long before you get images back ask the photographer his turn around time on a shoot like the one your shooting. Alot of times creatives can set unrealistic expectations on exactly what the turnaround time should be either out of previous experiences with different photographers or selfishness. Sometimes it can be a sprinkle of both, remember that no two photographers are alike in terms of work flow.

Models I encourage you to ask the most questions, why? because it prepares you. You are learning the jargon and also learning how to now set expectations for yourself and your brand. Now this doesn't mean be a diva about it, it allows you to understand not only your business but the industry alot more as well. In addition to asking about turnaround time you should definitely understand the standard licensing parameters as well. This way you don't unknowingly use the images in a way other than what's expected but you have know idea of what's expected if you don't ask.

Image from Google images 

Image from Google images 

Photographers I find it easier and easier just to create a form that you use for shoots that outlines expectation. This form should cover what the licensing for the images are and the expected turnaround time for the shoot and well. I don't know about you, but I hate repeating myself not once but multiple times explaining the same thing over and over and over again. So , skip that step just draft form that can be used for each individual client and creative team and ease your mind. Once you set the expectation execute on time or early, if you need assistance you can find retouchers all over instagram just search who suits your brand. The worst thing you can do a a photographer is set an expectation and not deliver. This tarnishes your brand and credibility with future clients so stay on top of your expectations.