Do I Need A Comp Card?

This is a question that I often ask myself in regards to models, I got really confused about it at one point and time and wanted to understand the importance of them. So I asked a fellow model friend who has direct experience with these to help me out. The Comp Card, Composite Card, Zed Card or Sed Card which ever you want to call it is marketing materials for either models or actors. Think about this as putting all your greatest achievements on a business card along with contact information and leaving it with someone. If you are aiming to get signed with an agency then creating and bringing a composite card may or may not be important. The images that are placed on the comp card is what will justify it's importance, those creative shoots that you were doing with said photographer are not as important when going to approach an agency. The agency is looking to create a comp card for you using the shoots that they set up for you.

Example of a standard Composite Card snagged from by way of

If you do decide to have a comp card created before hand grab some digital images and a head shot for your images and have your updated measurements.  Comp cards are important when you are going out for castings, the client can see exactly who you are, know your build and has the information to contact you directly. You needing a comp card is like asking me do I need a business card and the answer is it truly depends on exactly the situation that you are in that will justify the need. You should always have something and a comp card is not a bad investment at all.

Example of a more polished Comp Card featuring Tyra Banks snagged from by way of

I want to send a special thanks to Briyanna Gilgeous who answered all the questions I had before producing this blog post. Check her out on her social media page @briygilgeous on Instagram.  

So what do you think? Especially for my more experienced models, how important is a comp card to your modeling career? Feel free to comment below!!!!