So, There's This Agency....


While working with models I often get the question about agencies, it's usually to the extent of where can I start if I am looking for one? Often times models simply don't know where to look and my answer usually goes like this.. "Google". If you google agencies in the fashion markets you're interested in you will find a whole list of them, but despite the plethora of agencies available it's about finding the agencies that fit what you are looking to do. I often express to models to do their homework with the agency that they are interested in to see if it's a right fit for the brand that they are trying to build. In addition, what most aspiring models don't know is that if your looking to sign to an agency all of these huge concept shoots with photographers aren't necessary. The agencies are here to expand your reach and assist with building your portfolio and getting you work. The first important step especially to make a lasting first impression is being able to follow directions. What's the best way to show an agency that you can follow directions? Pay attention to all the directions on the model scout portion of their page and follow it when you are looking to submit.

You will find that quite often agencies want simple images of you, nothing complex, standard essential shots (Headshot, 3/4 Shot, Full Body) Some agencies want (Headshot, Side profile, Mid-Length and Full Length). Agencies like Wilhelmina accept images via Instagram using their @willyscouts handle.  For Women the images are basic and are best taken in a bikini and standard black heels. For male models they usually do images without a shirt, blue jeans and either barefoot or plain colored sneakers. Most often than not i prefer barefoot, i like the aesthetic it presents, iv'e always found the bikini and heels a little weird.

So what agencies are out there? Where can I go and have a shot? There are many agencies out there that are openly reviewing new models to add to their roster. MSA Models in both NYC and Los Angeles have casting calls every Tuesday and Thursday. The NYC office holds open calls from 10am to 1030am at their office at 200 W 41st St, Ste 1000 New York, NY 10036. The Los Angeles branch holds their open calls from 3:00pm to 4:00pm at their office at 8075 West 3rd Street | Suite #307
Los Angeles, CA 90048. For more information on what the necessary attire is to where to the open calls visit their website Open calls are always great because you get to see who is in what position at the agency, that way when you follow up they can place a face with the name.

Here's a list of agencies to check out I would make sure to read everything in their scouting session before submitting.

NEXT Model Management (

RED Model Management (

VNY Models (

Q Management (

IMG Models (

We Speak NYC (

MUSE Model Management (

Bella Agency (

JAG Models (

SLAY Model Management (

Most agencies are including a plus size division to their roster as well, I will also include some great agencies who also have a plus size division or exclusively work with plus size models.

Natural Models LA (

MILK Model Managaement (

Wilhelmina (

Dorothy Combs (

FORD Models (


If you need more information on these individual agencies feel free to head to there website(s) and take a look, most often they will answer any questions you may have,