I am Tyrone “Syranno” Wilkens I am a photographer with 10 years of experience and I ambitiously hunt for emotion in my images. I started shooting in 2009 merely because I was searching for an outlet for the pent up creativity that I didn’t know existed within me. In this journey there has been so many emotional ups and downs that put me in positions to want to quit, but I didn’t. There were times that I looked at the works of others and thought to myself I will never be as good as them. As I grew in my craft I learned that there could never be another me in any facet and in any medium and that’s because the uniqueness I carry was inscribed into my soul. When I photograph people I am looking for who they really are I am peering through their eyes and searching their souls for what life really means to them. I always asked myself why I shoot, I shoot because I am searching for emotions that I feel are missing within myself and I feel if I capture them little by little I can find myself again. 

The photos I take are puzzle pieces to understand the bigger picture of who I really am. I don’t lust for fame like many others but what I do lust for is legacy and leaving not only a mark but leaving behind inspiration for others to take that journey to find out just how far they are willing to go to be exactly who they were meant to be. This allows me to give my clients a very individual experience catering to their needs in a way that’s more personal in nature. It’s about making my client feel a sense of relaxation while their vision is in my hands. Think about that one babysitter you had when you were growing up that was an extension to your family the one you’re thinking about right now that’s making you smile. This is who I am naturally, allow me to ease your mind while cultivating your ideas and personifying your vision. This is the true biography to who I am as a man and as a creative, I am Tyrone Wilkens and it is a pleasure to meet you.

Contact: syranno@photosbysyranno.com



Client List

Ashley Stewart

House of Cards

Stevie Boi



STATE LA (Formerly MSA Models)

IPM Models NYC

THE Artist Agency

We Speak NYC

Genesis Level Model Management


Work has been featured in:

JET Magazine

Ebony Magazine

Black Enterprise

Essence Magazine

Ellements Magazine

Elegant Magazine

Intelegance Magazine

The Grey District Magazine

ECHO Magazine